Yacht Delivery

The Yacht Delivery Company delivers your motor- or sailing- yacht from any location to the harbour of your choice, anywhere in the world. We do this for a clear and transparent price in a timely and professional manner.


Do you need your sailing or motor yacht in a different harbour? Are you a yacht builder and want her delivered to your customer(s)? TYDC delivers your vessel in prime condition.


Assisted passages and maiden trips

Would you like some help getting accustomed to your new boat? Would you benefit from a highly experienced skipper on board for your first long passage or crossing? Maybe you would like to expand your sailing area or would like to increase your navigation or night sailing skills while on passage. Our qualified skippers will help you grow your confidence and ocean sailing skills. Although we are no sailing academy, we adhere to the RYA syllabus to enable owners and crews to log qualifying miles and experience.

“Our qualified skippers will help you grow your confidence and ocean sailing skills.”
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Holiday Delivery

Are you too time strapped to sail your yacht to and/or from your holiday destination? Want to start your trip from your a harbour away from home? TYDC sails your vessel to your port of choice. This service allows you to expand your sailing area and explore tranquil anchorages or exiting new destinations. We are happy to discus the possibilities with you.

Remember the day when only a sextant, compass and the ships clock were needed to find our way around the oceans? Times have changed and most yacht owners have replaced their sextant for GPS-plotters and their binoculars for radar or AIS. These days’ manufacturers and sailors equip their yachts with high-tech electronic devices with countless possibilities. Our experienced RYA/ MCA Yachtmaster Ocean skippers are up to date on the latest technology and will help you get you up to speed.

Please contact us to discuss your wishes: info@yachtdeliverycompany.com