Yacht Delivery

We have divided the delivery into four clear phases. This is what you can expect from us:


In close consultation with you we get a clear view of your wishes and expectations. We take you through the details of the preparation and the planning of the passage.

Yacht Deliveries


We understand the pride you take in your vessel and how precious she is to you. We will therefore treat her with the utmost care. Before setting out, we will take at least one day to check the boat's systems. Detailed checklists will be used to cover all functions of the engine(s), boat systems, rigging, electronics and fittings.

Anything that is not in working order that might seriously affect the delivery's passage will be reported on and rectified before setting out in agreement with the owner.

Small repairs will gladly be fixed by our experienced team to prevent you from the hassle of having to hire expensive professionals or marine maintenance companies.

Prior to departure vulnerable areas of the interior of the boat will be covered.

“You are very welcome to join us for a part of
the trip if you so desire.”
Yacht Deliveries

Throughout the trip

The safety of those on board and the integrity of your vessel are the skipper's first priorities. It is the skipper's judgment that decides if the sea and the vessel are safe enough to sail. To keep wear and tear to a minimum your vessel will be sailed or motored conservatively. Our skippers have the first and final say in decisions during the delivery.

Track & Trace

The Yacht Delivery Company offers the inclusive service of following the progress of your vessel. From the moment we leave the marina until we reach our destination you will be in a position to follow the progress of the delivery.

Yacht Deliveries

Our skippers are equipped with location based service enabling GPS positioning. This allows us to pin point and share the coördinates of your vessel from anywhere on the globe. Through the secure online section of our website you can keep abreast on the progress of your vessel on a map of the route. You can see the position of your yacht on a map, the track we sailed and the longitude and latitude of your vessel. You can do all of this in the luxury of your warm office or confortable couch. The Yacht Delivery Company offers this service for free as we understand it’s important to our customers to follow their treasure until she reaches her destination.


The Yacht Delivery Company will present you with a full delivery report including the complete log of the passage. Another part of the aftercare is to assess your yacht and its systems upon arrival to give you a full picture of its condition and an outlay of any repairs or modifications that might be necessary. We will make sure your yacht receives a deep clean and is in excellent condition upon delivery, ready to be sailed.